golden girl

hello darlings! how are you today? i hope you're all fine! i was all busy working on my "princess collection" which i will tell you about in my next post so stay tuned if you want to know more. There will also be a contest where you will be able to win a piece of the new fashion and accessory collection!
there are also proper make-up tutorials coming up as well and i'll start telling you about my fav products and you'll be able to win them!

AND you still have until monday evening to win my giveaway so if you haven't entered so far look at the post and leave a comment telling me what you like about my blog. there are 8 cool items you can win.

for this look i used light and dark yellow, yellow glitter, black eyeliner, black mascara and false eyelashes.



DSK said...

Hey Kamy, just shoot me an email :)


Manju said...

love this look!

Jess said...

Lovely! What brand of false eyelashes do you use?

mint said...

that looks beautiful! how did you get the colours so even and neat especially below your eyes?

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Looks gorgeous!
And btw, thanq for enter in my giveaway!

Ana said...

Hi! Your makeup looks are great! It would be even better if you told us what brand of makeup you're using rather than just "dark yellow, yellow glitter" etc. Because that could be anything. Thanks!